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HCDC Mrs Robin Danner; AHHA, KIUC, uturnforchrist et al..: Cease/Desist

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HCDC has superceded Kanaka Maoli community wishes and has not consulted with anyone except a select few, usually ppl like Presidents, Governors, AND Mayors. Specifically Ms Danner has been targeting those very people speaking for us, supposedly on our behalf. The ideas and projects completed have never been part of Kanaka Maoli and thus, we have been shut out. There is something very wrong with...Not allowing the masses standing behind LHG to participate, HCDC operation market place restaurant not what it seems, commercial kitchen is held hostage during restaurant hours. what were they thinking bringing to a pristine anahola and positioning a california men's recovery group, "ranch" DHHL lessee sharing office space with AHHA; HCDC giving away DHHL resources, while decedent waitlisted continues to occur and Danner does not have the blood quantum. NONE, ZERO The bigger issue is how can Danner's development plan to quick fruitions be embraced, while a recent DHHL decision making Green Energy meeting, her refusal to answer commissioners straight forward questioning to "Outline your blood quantum". Her comeback 'I don't have to justify that line of Questioning' one pushed it. Non-approachable and feared by everyone who crosses her/their path.

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