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Stop the show 'Confederate'

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Slavery in the modern era. The south has risen again, and flourished on the backs of blacks in America for over 400 years...or that’s the story Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss would like to share with the world. “Confederate”, which has just been greenlighted by HBO, is the tale they are wanting to spin in which the southern states never lost in 1865, when slavery was abolished. Rather, they successfully seceded, and have created a modern legal institution of slavery (whether this will include the current modern institution of slavery called for profit prisons is another story), that leads to a third American Civil War.

We are sure the show will have strong characters and images of black men and women slaves fighting for their freedom, while trying to live the best life they can in their circumstances. It will have iconic freedom fighters and abolitionists speaking the truth of the moral depravity of slavery, and the scar it places on the soul of a country that has always held the ideal of being better. It’ll be filled with gripping moments of white allies helping as they did then, with a riveting scene at some point where someone declares how “All men are created equal.” And yet, none of that matters when ANYONE with common sense will make sure this show does not see the light of day, especially in these trying tumultuous times.

In the modern America of Trump, where phrases such as “BUILD THAT WALL!” have turned into coded speak for racists, bigots, and domestic terrorists to be open with their hate, this can not be allowed. In fact, for Benioff and Weiss to truly believe now, if ever, is the time to release this show is tone deaf at best, and purposefully, MALICIOUSLY, done at worse. This is not a story anyone with common decency needed nor asked for. Almost daily, we have stories of black men and women dying by the police force that for decades blacks in America have known as the fist of law and government against them. Our churches are burned down, whether we are in them or not, to show even in our most peaceful moments we can never feel too at ease because of the simple color of our skin. Even those we would consider most privileged are taught the hard lesson that in America, you can destroy your body for our entertainment, but if you protest non-violently, they will put you out to pasture just like any other animal they own who is more trouble than they’re worth.

For two heavily privileged white men to feel this is the passion project they want millions to a see, a world than can imagine how even in modern times our lives can be treated worse, this error in judgement MUST be addressed. We the people, have a voice and are asking that HBO, David Benioff, and D.B. Weiss realize the error in this decision to greenlight “Confederate”. To end any pre-production or planning, and let the confederacy stay dead as it has been for 152 years. To not create a show that will likely reach millions, and serve a possible blueprint for those in this country who would see a show such as “Confederate” as a manifesto to latch on to.

“Game of Thrones” involves magic, dragons, and things that could not possibly exist in the real world, and it is known that in the years it has been on TV, it has changed the world. So please, realize the power of the stories you create, the strength your imagination has to change this world, and let your passion lead you to another path; one that does not add to the pain, mental and emotional anguish, and intense sorrow Black Americans have had to cope with long before there ever was a desire to “Make America great again.”

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