HBO or FX to pick up Santa Clarita Diet for Season 4

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After 2 months of dealing with the cancellation on a really big cliffhanger, we don’t know if Netflix will budge in reversing their decision. It doesn’t mean we can’t try to get another network to pick it up. One Day at a Time got picked up by PopTV, I don’t want to give up on Santa Clarita Diet. It did not deserve to end at Season 3, Netflix canceled it abruptly 4 weeks after it streamed with barely any promotion and so many subscribers had no clue Season 3 was even out until it was too late.

I am aware that Netflix has that dumb non-compete clause where a canceled show can’t show up anywhere else for 2 years or more. Maybe with the right negotiations and if we can get another network’s attention they might be willing to pick it up. HBO is a premium network that I know values quality over quantity. I believe that this is a network that genuinely cares about how great a show is despite viewership (ex. The Wire). Also, with it being a premium network, there wouldn’t be any restrictions on what can or can’t be said on television such as the language, blood and other graphic scenes. 

I truly believe that HBO or FX has the power & prestige to take this show on. I don’t want to give up losing Santa Clarita Diet for good and if Netflix does not want to do anything about it, then so be it.

Please sign, tell everybody you know about the show, tweet at HBO and FX about the show. @Netflix on Twitter or Facebook to either revive or let it go somewhere if they don’t want to spend the money on it. Santa Clarita Diet is a gem that deserves more, so let’s not give up. In order for this possibly work, everybody post or comment to HBO on any of their social media accounts, we have to make enough noise to get their attention. Anybody on Twitter or Instagram, put the hashtags, #SantaClaritaDiet, #SaveSantaClaritaDiet, #FXSaveSantaClaritaDiet #HBOSaveSantaClaritaDiet and @Netflix as well to let them know we're not letting this show die.