HBO Sports cancel Roman Gonzalez

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Dear Folks,

Please take a moment of your time.  Nicaragua has lived in unrest since April 18, 2018.  The government and the POLICE have turned against the people of Nicaragua after University students decided to stand up against the Government and a law they passed without consulting the people.  This law would deduct more money from our wages, and pay out less when we retired.  It also affected all Senior Citizen who were retired, deducting 5% off their pension due to the National Institute of Social Security almost being bankrupt.  

Over 400 people have been killed by the FSLN government and the National Police that follows the presidents instructions. (The chief of Police is the "president/dictators" the Parent-in-law of the Presidents son's wife)

Recently, even after over 480 the deaths, 500 wrongful imprisonment, 200 kidnappings, over 2000 injuries by BULLETS.  The government party FSLN, continues to go against the recommendations of the OAS and have even kicked out the UN. 

HBO Network allowed Roman "Chocolatito" Gonzalez to it's boxing events, allowing him to wear the "FSLN" logo on his boxing trunks and wear the National Police hat after his fight.  Although, Nicaraguan's have been suffering from the repression and the violations of human rights from both the Police and the FSLN government.  Please help me petition for HBO to cancel the contract of someone who has a world wide stage and instead of speaking for the people and helping the people, proudly displays the initials and hat of those who have done wrong to the Nicaraguan people. 

PLEASE HBO SPORT - NEVER LET ROMAN "CHOCOLATITO" GONZALEZ in any big boxing event or at least prohibit him from wearing the insignia of the government party and institution who is oppressing the people of Nicaragua.