Save Peterson Elementary

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Many parents and community members are wondering about the rumors that are flying around about Peterson closing. While these are all still rumors and nothing has been decided officially it's imperative that parents and the community understand what’s at risk.

As Huntington Beach property taxes increase, HBCSD generates enough from property taxes to fund the elementary district without supplemental funding from the state – turning it into what’s called a basic aid district. This means HBCSD, which was paid an ADA (average daily attendance) of roughly $8,400/student for 180 days of school attendance, will no longer get that funding from the state and we switch to basic aid/community funded by property taxes.

I found this helpful in understanding the difference between ADA and Basic Aid:

Since we would no longer be receiving money per student it's in the best interest of the district to eliminate transfers from other districts (because the district would only get paid for students who lives within the district boundaries). This means we would lose approximately 820 students. That's the size of an elementary school. This then means the district will have to close a school.

Closing a school also means we must let go of 20+ amazing teachers. Heartbreaking! With the transfer students no longer attending, some schools would go down in enrollment to a couple of hundred students. So the HBCSD will need to redraw the boundaries. This means none of us, (unless you live inside the tract of your home school) will know which school our kids will be going. It’s rumored their intention is to refuse anyone the ability to transfer schools within the district for the first few years.

The rumor is that Peterson will be the school closing. The district does not want to close a school that’s already been modernized so that leaves Peterson, Eader, and Perry on the chopping block.

This is not the first school the HBCSD board has considered closing. Not too long ago, it was Perry that was going to close. When they were considering closing Perry, the 7-11 committee recommended they don’t do that and they will improve Sowers, not rebuild.

So back to the rumors, it’s said Peterson will close, Sowers will move to Peterson land and eventually once Sowers is rehabbed they will sell the Peterson land.

Note that Peterson sits on over 10 plus acres of precious land. The land we use for AYSO and other events.

The District and the board of trustees haven’t been transparent and are less than forthcoming on giving any information. Many reliable sources-some from inside the District- have said that a decision has already been made.

It’s important to remember that the Board of Trustees are elected and that LOUD voices can sway decisions. It worked for Perry!

We can collectively fight to protect the other schools within the district and ask that everyone do the right thing for the better of the community!!!! We no longer can just stand beside the school our own children attend but instead stand together united to defend all our children!