Petitioning Governor Steve Beshear and 9 others

SAVE OUR PENSION: Fully Fund Kentucky Teachers Retirement System Now!

In 1938, the State of Kentucky entered into an inviolable contract to provide pension benefits to its teachers.  According to state law KRS 161.714, these pension benefits are teachers’ earned compensation promised by the State and the State must fund them.  Why did the Legislature promise this to teachers all those years ago?  Because Kentucky’s children deserve the best education, and they knew that pension security ensures that every child is taught by professionals who have put in the time and effort to earn the qualifications needed to give our children the education they deserve.

Since the Kentucky Teachers Retirement System (KTRS) was founded, teachers have always contributed a significant portion of their salary towards their retirement.  No teacher has ever missed a payment or paid late since the pension fund was founded in 1938.  However, since 2008 the State has not made the required annual contributions for teachers’ pensions.  If Kentucky continues to neglect its obligation to fund teachers’ retirement, KTRS funds will be exhausted by 2036.  This is a CRISIS situation!


What will YOU be doing in 2036?  Kentucky teachers won’t be able to afford to retire if the Legislature doesn’t fully fund KTRS NOW!  Without a secure pension, thousands upon thousands of Kentucky teachers will retire into abject poverty.  Without a secure future, the best young teachers will not stay in the classroom.  We cannot risk the future of our teachers and our children.  We MUST make sure Kentucky meets its obligation. 

The Promise of an inviolable contract for pension security made to Kentucky teachers in 1938 means nothing without the actions of our Governor and our Legislature to back it up today.  We need YOU to stand with us to support Kentucky teachers and students!

Sign this petition today to tell Governor Steve Beshear to FULLY FUND KTRS in 2014! 

Letter to
Governor Steve Beshear
State Senator Jimmy Higdon
State Senator Dennis Parrett
and 7 others
State Representative Gregory Stumbo
State Representative Jody Richards
State Representative Rocky Adkins
State Representative Sannie Overly
State Representative Johnny Bell
State Representative Regina Bunch
State Senator Joe Bowen
WE the undersigned call on YOU the Kentucky State Legislature to SAVE OUR PENSION: Kentucky Teachers are counting on you to do the right thing by fully funding the Kentucky Teachers Retirement System. The pensions provided by KTRS are the only source of retirement income for Kentucky's teachers. Without the assurance of a sound pension system, our Commonwealth will not be able to attract and retain the excellent teachers that our children deserve in their classrooms. Don't let Kentucky's teachers and children down! FULLY FUND KTRS NOW!