Hazard Pay for Frontline Healthcare Workers During COVID-19 in Australia

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Thank You for Doing Your Part! Article from Mojo News by Natasha Schapova for this Petition.

To everyone who has signed and shared, thank you for doing your part to raise awareness on this importance of this issue! For all those healthcare workers who are currently still continuing the fight, we hope that the government can hear us out and protect us further by establishing the hazard pay. 

I would like to share this article written by Natasha Schapova at Mojo News to raise awareness in regards to the importance of frontline essential workers receiving hazard pay and financial support from the government as many healthcare workers are also affected by not being able to access the JobKeeper and JobSeeker payments. Thank you for doing your part Natasha!

It has also been reported that there has been over 160 cases of Healthcare workers being infected with Coronavirus in Victoria, as of the 10th of April 2020. Everyday this increases throughout Australia, affecting the lives of healthcare workers and their families too. 

Hopefully, we can continue working together on this and please sign and share this with your family and friends. 

Sarah Ameera
1 year ago