SAVE Mt. Eden High School Choirs!

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Hello MEHS Choir Students, Families, Alumni, and Friends,

The MEHS vocal program and choir director need our support. As many of you know, Mr. Prior has been the MEHS and MLK Jr. choir director for almost one full year now. Mr. Prior’s excitement and enthusiasm along with his knowledge, experience, and vision have enabled him to jump right into where Mr. Rawdon left off. In this short time, Mr. Prior and the choirs brought home three first-place titles and the choirs are continuing to thrive under this new direction. However Mr. Prior’s current schedule and responsibilities are not sustainable and if superintendent cannot agree on a new contract, we may end up losing him at the end of the year.

Background on why we need to rally behind Mr. Prior:

The responsibilities Mr. Prior has taken on include teaching both zero period and seventh period. He runs the choir programs at both Mt. Eden High School and MLK Jr. and on any given weekday he works 12 or more hours teaching and running practices for the competitive choirs. This is not sustainable for anyone. The FOTC, and more importantly, the students, believe in Mr. Prior because he believes in them and he recognizes that the MEHS choir is more than a class, it’s a family and safe havenwhere our students can express themselves through music and movement without judgment. His passion and ability to make decisions such as cancelling tour in exchange for fundraising and purchasing new risers to replace our nearly 30 year old
ones speaks to his ethics, integrity, and students first philosophy. Losing Mr. Prior would be devastating to the choir program.  *There is no one out there waiting to do what Mr. Prior did this year. Trust us, Mr. Rawdon looked, there is no one. There are, however, some very gifted directors who would be willing to team teach with Mr. Prior.