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Save our family home

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Gosport borough council are making us move out of our family home that’s been in my family since 1972!!! 

My dad recently passed away at home (I moved from my 3 bed family home back in to care for him october 2016 the day my mum sadly passed away!) my dad had cancer and passed away September 17, so aswel as up rooting my family and being pregnant I had to take over the running of the house and arranging my mums funeral, but hey that’s what kids do for there parents....but to then lose your dad 11 months later is truely heart breaking. I’ve not had chance to grieve for my mum and now arranging my dads funeral whilst caring for my two small children. To make my world feel like it’s crashing down around me even more the council decided to tell me we could not succeed my dads tenancy as it had already had one change when my mum passed away and was taken off, my housing officer served me 4 weeks notice the week before I’d even laid my dad to rest and then come out today to tell me we definitely can not keep the house and it would of been my dads 70th birthday on Saturday, completely no compassion or heart for anything and everything I’ve gone through and still going through! I’ve been told that they can use their discretion to let us stay here but obviously they are choosing not to. My dad started this tenancy in 1972 and they had 7 children in this house, all our childhood memories are here and my dad passed away here, I understand they class this a 4 bedroom house (as it has an enclosed dining room) but it’s actually a 3 bed house and it’s me my husband and 2 children then my step son at weekends, so we’re not under occupying. I’ve been here for 28years surely has should stand for something? 

I have severe depression which has become considerably worse since my dad passing and now also on anxiety medication as really struggling to cope with all this added pressure and stress, I need to pick my daughters schools this month for next year but not sure what school in what area to chose! It’s really disrupting my children which is really cruel. 

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