Get all premature babies to have full body scans when there born

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In September 2017 I found out I was expecting twins � they were to eager to meet mummy and made there appearance on the 22nd March 2018. 11 weeks early! Despite this they were both born nice weights and seemed to be doing well, Caleb 3lb5oz Carter 2lb14oz. They were absolutely perfect just small. However things took a turn for the worst on the 31st march both boys got taken down with different infections and unfortunately despite his fighting Caleb fell asleep on the 31st march, Carter fought an extra 2 days but wanted to be back with his brother and fell asleep on the 3rd of April, they left a mummy heartbroken beyond words. My point behind all this is that maybe if they had been given a full body scan after birth they might of picked up on there causes of death sooner then they did and possibly saved them. prem babies organs are still developing there lungs haven’t even matured yet, head scans were given what about all the other important areas ie heart, belly etc. I am not denying the nurses and doctors did everything they could for them and will be forever greatful to them. If I can get this rule brought into action I will know I have done something right in honour of my boys Caleb&Carter, too beautiful for earth                                         Rest in paradise                                                   Mummy’s little fighters