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Permit Hayden Elaine Sprayberry, Zain Alexander Sprayberry, and Logan Bryant Sprayberry admittance into Glencoe School District.

My daughter Hayden has been the victim of bullying for little more than a year at Hokes Bluff Middle School. She has been called such things as fat, ugly, slut, whore, b****, etc. She has been sent hate texts and messages from students and been subject of rumors. We were notified by school authorities last yr of a suicide note that she had written bc it had gotten so bad. She has also been threatened, talked to in a sexual manner, told to kill herself, to go die in a hole, etc. She has many friends at Glencoe as that is her school of origin. This is also where she plays league ball and plays with many Glencoe girls on an All-Stars Team. This past year, Hayden's grades dropped into D's for the first time. Before that, she made honor roll and Beta Club. She needs to be in an environment where she can feel safe and thrive. It's best for her now and for her future. Also, my youngest son (Logan) is bullied. He is pushed down, shoved, called fat... he is threatened. He was MOBBED at the last football game. My oldest son (Zain) simply needs to be in the same school with his family.
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