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Hay House: Meet with Coach Bobbi to discuss a positively perfect partnership!

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My name is Coach Bobbi and I'm the creator of the 12 Steps to Self Empowerment page on Facebook, the Fall In Love With Your Life! programs and several books including 12 Steps to Self Empowerment, Take Flight! 30 Days Toward Your Desired Destination and Fall In Love With Your Life!

I am currently working on my fourth book, Growing Up 40. To date, I have published books, created my own success and accumulated 35,000 followers on Facebook - all on my own as a single mother, with limited finances and wearing all hats in the development of my business - marketing & sales, IT, finance, public relations and the like.

If I have created this level of success on my own, I truly believe I can now soar with the help of the world's leading self help publishing company, Hay House, and continue and grow my dream of talking the 'fall in love with your life' message worldwide.

I need your assistance, and I hope you are able to help me by signing this petition. If you enjoy my work and like me, think I would be a great asset to the Hay House team, I would be most grateful to have your support to let this amazing publishing house know there is an audience for my work, and it would be a mutually beneficial experience for them to meet with me face to face!

Warm regards and thank you so much for your help!

Coach Bobbi ♥

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