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Petitioning Hawkins County Board of Education

This petition is to protest the closing of Keplar and McPheeters Bend Schools.

I am trying to get our communities to come together and "SAVE OUR SCHOOLS" The Board of Education is wanting to close Keplar Elementary School and McPheeters Bend Elementary School. This is to protest the closing of our schools. These schools are the center of our communities. Our children would be devastated to have to go to another school and lose these great teachers. We have no idea how the county can place these kids in already over crowded schools.Most would be on a bus far to long. I don't understand why we would close schools that have awesome scores, better than the ones they would be bused to. If repairs had been made through the years this would not be happening. Both communities are crying out for help. If we lose this protest our schools will not reopen in August 2016. Our communities and Hawkins County tax payers can make a difference. Please show your support by signing this to        


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