Demand Hawkesbury Council provide a response to the unallocated $100k bequeathed upon them

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In January of 2018 'Anna' bequeathed to Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter $100k to be used for the refurbishment of the outdated and inadequate kennels to include insulation to provide warmth in winter where temperatures drop to below freezing and works to the roof to increase airflow to alleviate the heat during summer with temperatures reaching up to 47 degrees. Nine months later zero money has been spent on upgrading the facility, the dogs unfortunate enough to find themselves impounded through winter have suffered through sub-zero temperatures in a concrete and brick kennel, often with nothing more than a plank of plywood to lie on. Often the dogs are not provided or allowed to have bedding or blankets.

When one of the many concerned volunteers have raised their concerns about the lack of action taken by Council, the response from the General Manager, Peter Conroy was that the money was sitting in a trust account and if not spent will be returned to Anna's family, along with any interest earned.

In our opinion, this is a slap in the face to Anna who’s dying wishes have not been honoured. Instead, the dogs in the pound have endured terrible conditions through winter, all the while with the money sitting in a trust fund collecting interest because Hawkesbury Council have not performed their duties and undertaken the required works to upgrade the facility.

Will the dogs also be forced to endure sweltering conditions as we move into the warmer weather? A Chow dog by the name of Bear has already died at the facility due to heat exhaustion after not being provided adequate duty of care whilst impounded in the facility in January of 2017 for which Hawkesbury Council did not face any repercussions over.

It is time Hawkesbury Council are held to account. They cannot provide the standard excuse that they have no funds to allocate on upgrading the facility, they have had $100k gifted to them. It is a matter of Council wanting to be complacent, not do any work and not being transparent with the community about when and how the funds will be spent.

This is a call to action to Hawkesbury Council to provide an adequate response to the many concerned community members as to how and when the $100k will be spent on upgrading the facility and why there has been such an extensive delay in commencing works.