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Start Labeling Genetically Modified Foods

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       In the late 1900s, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) were introduced to farmers in order to better crops. GMOs "give these plants some quality, such as herbicide tolerance" (Pollan 2013) in order for them to last longer or be more tolerant to various bugs. However, "GMOs present a certain unquantifiable risk, since there’smuch we do not know about these crops."  Unfortunately, as consumers, there is little we know about these risks as well as little we can do in avoiding them because companiesare not required to label these potential dangers on their genetically modified products.


       In recent debates, large corporations such as Monsanto are creating genetically modified foods throughout the state of Hawaii.  Citizens of the state of Hawaii have tried to pass bills in order to have these products that are modified, to be labeled so consumers have the right to choose GMO products or not. However, Monsanto donates thousands of dollars to Hawaii state senators, representatives, and government thus making it harder for these officials to want to consider other peer-reviewed, independently funded scientific studies about GMO products. 


       A young woman who has worked hard to pass various bills throughout the state of Hawaii, in order for these products to be labeled, explained to me that in recent events she and others worked really hard to pass a bill to require labeling GMOs. It passed through 4 committees, including the entire Hawaii state house floor. She stated that, "we passed it all the way through, until two senators tried to ‘kill’ the bill without holding a hearing because they believed more research needed to be done, even though law students, scientists, doctors, and farmers were all there to testify and support GMO labeling.” After killing the bill these officials agreed to create a program that would continue to research these GMO products. However, this research was ultimately funded BY Monsanto. These officials receive such large contributions from companies, such as Monsanto, thus arising a conflict of interest because these officials will only account for Monsanto funded and FDA science.


       I have compiled this brief amount of important information in order to create a petition to ask, not only for the labeling of GMO products, but also to begin a resolution that politicians should not be able to take campaign contributions from any major corporations that have a "side" in any of the bills that are introduced by the state house and senate.


Thank-you for signing the petition!  These laws will affect us all!  You are very important to the future of your health! 


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