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The proposed incinerator would send a steady stream of toxins into the air, including mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic, PCBs, dioxins, and countless other carcinogens. In the airborne form, these poisons are at their most deadly and would drift over the entire island, affecting all residents and tourists, alike. 

The worst aspect of waste-to-energy is a hidden fact: these incinerator power plants function optimally only when there is a non-stop abundance of trash to fuel them -- more garbage than we can possibly produce. 

Since the County does not produce enough garbage to meet its quota, it will be required to pay off the incinerator company for the garbage it cannot produce -- to tune of millions of dollars per year! The County intends to try to meet its garbage quota by setting up expensive operations to truck garbage to Hilo from all over the island. And if this leads to a waste reduction in the West Hawaii landfill (Puuanahulu), the landfill company will fine the County $1,000 per day for failing to deliver the minimum amount of waste contracted to go into the landfill. All of it, of course, would be passed on to taxpayers. These continued fines, would be an overwhelming fiscal drain on the County, and would certainly wipe out any incentive for recycling in our community.

A so-called "waste-to-energy" incinerator destroys a community's chances of ever enjoying a sustainable future.

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