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Stop A&B's Massive Corporate Theft of Hawaii’s Protected Waters

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As described in this Maui Independent expose, residents, businesses and small farmers pay 1,000 times as much per gallon as Alexander & Baldwin, a $2 billion company that consumes half the public water on Maui. 

Now A&B is asking the state for a 30 year extension on its 140 year old rigged system of stealing Maui's most precious public resource.

Enough Already! We join our voices to urge every state agency and state official to work for the current and future generations of the people of Hawai'i, not its largest land developer.  

We urge you to act in solidarity with Maui's Native Hawaiian Water Protectors to end 140 Years of A&B’s massive corporate water theft, and use the power of your citizen-financed office to ensure:

1)  That any public water provided to A&B be priced at or near to its market value of $1 per thousand gallons, and that the $50 million annual giveaway to one of the most profitable companies in Hawai'i ends.

2) That on behalf of earth justice and the fundamental rights of citizens granted in the Hawaii'i State Constitution, you implement a polluter pays remedy for the irresponsible stewardship by A&B of their diverted streams. The waterways and land that have been polluted by a century of A&B's mismanagement must be restored to ecological health at the company's expense.

3) That Native Hawaiians on Maui be provided with sufficient water to farm indigenous food crops.

4) That organic and environmentally restorative farmers on Maui be given pricing discounts for public waters so that they might build greater food sustainability and contribute to healing the ecology of the island for this and future generations.

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