Tourism Management at Hoʻokipa

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Mary Ann Pahukoa
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To protect our fishing grounds, marine species, and the quality of life for all, I believe it's important for our community to regulate tourism at Ho'okipa Beach Park. The influx of visitors visiting Ho'okipa Beach has risen drastically as the island becomes one of the worlds greatest islands in the world. It is our kuleana to ensure the safety of our natural resources, marine life, keiki, and kupuna (elders)

On June 3 2018, Hawai'i offically banned the use of toxic sunscreens in our islands. This is a great victory for our marine ecosystems, however, Act 104, "bans the sale of oxybenzone and octinoxate" does not go into full effect until Jan. 1, 2021. Til then, it is the kuleana (responsibility) of our communities to monitor, and regulate our beaches until all toxic sunscreens are off our store shelves. 

With the increase in visitors to Ho'okipa Beach, families on the beach are constantly dealing with foot traffic of turtle spectators near the Ho'okipa Cove. This surge of beach traffic contributes to ocean access hold up for those entering the water for diving, fishing, or recreational purposes. The impede of visitors near the cove have prevented honu (turtles) from coming up to their sleeping grounds.


(We have collected a substatial amount of data supporting these statements, and will be sumbitting them to our State Parks division with this petition.)

I'm asking for community input & support to establish signage for Ho'okipa Beach Park, that will contribute to the better management of visitor traffic on the beach grounds. I believe the solution is two signs that clearly state the following: 


NO Turtle Viewing from Beach 

NO Toxic Sunscreens 

Mahalo for respecting our community, land, & sea. 

- Ho'okipa 'Ohana 


If you support this signage please sign this petition! We will be submitting this petition & initiative to our State Parks for review & approval. 


Mahalo for your time & support! 



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