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Dr. Amanishakete Ani is a professor at the University at Albany (SUNY) in the Africana Studies Department whose position has been abruptly terminated. This termination occurs despite her adequate maintainance of the required responsibilities of a professor on the "tenure-track". It is understood that the university decide to execute the termination upon her first review period (2 years) despite her contributions in both on and off-campus affairs.

We, as concerned students, demand that this termination be revoked on the grounds that:

  1. The termination was excuted unjustly when analyzing her satisfactory progression along the "tenure track" (more details below).
  2. Her classes concern relevant topics that are unlike any others offered at the university.
  3. Dr. Ani provides an immense amount of out-of-class support to all students who are in need of guidance and mentoring.
  4. The voice of the students was not AT ALL taken into account when making this decision.

For more more a more detailed insight:

  • Professors get what's called "tenure" based on their abilities to produce in the areas of research (publications and presentations), positive teaching evaluations, and service work, which the university is most concerned about on campus, but we would also include community service high on the list. Before tenure, you're on what's called the "tenure-track," in which you are given a certain amount of time to demonstrate whether or not you can in fact publish research articles and present at national conferences, etc., as well as teach effectively and complete service efforts all at the same time. In a just system, all professors would be assessed equally on these three points -research, teaching, and service, and typically in this order as far as universities are concerned- and would pass each review period on track toward "making tenure".

List of contributions in both on and off-campus affairs:

  • Teaching
  1. Average 4.75-5 out of 5 overall course and instructor rating from students; or "Upper Range" in teaching.
  2. Courses taught in the areas of Research Methods/Statistics, African/African American Family, Race Theory and Social Thought, Life in the "Third World", and Black Nationalism: Political Perspective in Africa.
  • Service
  1. Coordinated and chaperoned travel for students to attend the 3rd commemorative Million Man March in Washington, D.C. to hear from Minister Farrakhan in October 2015.
  2. Provided keynote address for Black Solidarity Day held by ASUBA, fall 2015.
  3. Provided keynote address for the Zeta's Phenomenal Woman event, spring 2016.
  4. Supported "the three girls" from the White privilege bus incident, otherwise known as the UAlbany 3; by providing counsel for the rally on campus, attending a DA office meeting, and after provided two radio interviews, writing statements published in the Times Union, and promoting a social media presence for them, etc.
  5. Coordinated the first State of Black SUNY Albany Town Hall in March of 2016.
  6. Faculty Advisor to Pan Caribbean Association since fall 2015.
  7. Frequent Faculty Advisor for honors theses and Independent Studies projects.
  • Research
  1. 3 publications plus 2 under review (or likely to be published); in the Journal of African American Studies, the Journal of Pan African Studies, the Journal on African Philosophy and the International Journal of Africana Studies.
  1. 2 research presentations at national and international conferences in Black Studies; at the National Council for Black Studies and the International Conference on Pan-Africanism and Negritude.
  2. Founding of the first journal out of Black Studies to be completely dedicated to the confrontation of racism/White supremacy; called Vanguard (
  3. Invited to lecture at University in Taiyuan, China based on research published in the Journal of African American Studies on racism and C-section - which the university refuses to pay for.
  4. Advocate for graduate students (and undergraduate students) to attend conferences and present research.
  5. Co-lead in an international task force for the sanctity and protection of Black Studies/Africology research, the MIA (Measuring Impact in Africology) Task Force, supported by the National Council for Black Studies (NCBS), and notable Black Studies Journals, including Africology: The Journal of Pan African Studies, African Media Studies in the UK, and more.

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