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The old RAF Hornchurch officers estate is under threat of a proposed planning application submitted by Anchor Hannover to construct 21 flats (2 blocks of 3 stories) on the only Green space within the estate. They also plan to destroy the 10 healthy Horse Chestnut trees that are approximately 80 years old & currently line Cavendish Avenue, they were originally planted for the officers & their families by the ministry of defence, just before the start of WW2. The estate has remained relatively unchanged and unspoilt since its original construction. The trees and green space have been especially valuable during the lockdown period; an oasis for the elderly residents some of whom are housebound.

Should the Horse chestnut trees (also becoming endangered) be destroyed, the environmental impact of their loss would increase our carbon footprint, each tree captures approximately 48 pounds of CO2 per year, times that by 10, 480 pounds of carbon will not be captured each year, in 10 years these horse chestnut trees  would have captured 2 TONS of carbon. The loss of the trees & green space will also have a negative impact on the natural wildlife on the estate, the different species of birds, bats, hedgehogs & squirrels that are currently present.

If the local authority agree to these plans, we stand to lose yet another important part of our local history, we can not keep allowing the destruction of our heritage sites, simply for the purpose of building yet more homes. We hope that with your help, the local authority will object to these plans & recognise that this estate should be part of the Hornchurch conservation area.

Out of respect to those brave airmen who gave their lives during The Battle of Britain for our liberty and freedom please protect RAF Hornchurch heritage site by showing your support and signing the petition.

We the residents of RAF Hornchurch officers estate thank you in anticipation of your support.

Lest we forget, Never has so much been owed to so few