Unfair 50% increase in Havering car parks fees

Unfair 50% increase in Havering car parks fees

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There is currently already a petition against the scrapping of the free 30-minute parking allowance, this was launched by Mr Barry Major. But unfortunately, this doesn't appear to address the substantial and unfair inflation regarding parking fees imposed by Havering Council in their car parks and meters.  This was probably cloaked or unknown to Barry at the time he formed his petition. 

So above is the reason I have created a sister petition to also address the unfair 50% level Havering Council have increased their parking charges or value.

The £1.50 charge now buys 50% less, 1 hour rather than the previous 2 hours. The parking for 3 hours now costs £4.50 rather than £3.00 which is around a huge 50% increase on the original. 

This is likely to cause extensive hardship to high street retailers where already most are crippled by business rates and reduced footfall.

It is proposed to the council they adopt a fairer parking policy as below:-

  • Bring back a free parking period, even if it is reduced to just 20 minutes as this will continue to help takeaways, mini-markets, bakers, newsagents and anyone else who retails small items where parking has been restricted. 
  • Raise the original first fee by 25% up from £1.50 to £2.00, but also increase the parking period from 1 hour to 2 hours. This would give shoppers a level of parking which would be better for high street trade and would likely be more lucrative for council fun raising also. then increase additional hours by £1 per hour thereafter.  


If you want to help save the high street, please support this petition.