Restore Funding for Sycamore Trust Youth Clubs

Restore Funding for Sycamore Trust Youth Clubs

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Fay Hough
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A statement was released by The Sycamore Trust on May 17th 2018 announcing the following:

"We've had some very bad news regarding two of our youth clubs for autistic children, teenagers and young adults in Havering. Two of our Wednesday night clubs have been told to shut down immediately after the local authority withdrew vital funding.
We've been providing youth clubs and activities for children and young people with autism and adults with learning difficulties, but were this week informed that funding is set to be slashed and two programmes will be forced to close by the end of May."

Residents across Havering have openly shared their views of anger and frustration at the announcement and are calling on Havering Council to revoke their decision.

Local Parent Campaigners Fay Hough and Anne-Marie Mummery have set up this petition to present to Havering Council in hopes that the funding will be restored.

Councillor Robert Benham, cabinet member for children’s services, said: “Throughout this process the local authority have been in close communication with the Sycamore Trust."

“The trust have recently decided not to continue to deliver services under this ‘short breaks’ contract."

Previously, Havering Council was funding the clubs per session, then decided to fund the clubs per child/adult.

When The Sycamore Trust approached Havering Council about providing the service outside a short breaks contract and asked for funding simply so any child or adult with autism could attend - the council simply said 'we don't have the money.'

So not only have Havering Council taken away these clubs as a short breaks placement, but wasn't happy to renegotiate a contract with The Sycamore Trust which meant any child or adult with autism, whether they was in receipt of Short Breaks or not, could access an after school provision that would benefit them and their families greatly. 

Havering are continuously cutting services from the most vulnerable people and we say 'enough is enough'. Sign this petition and help us autism parents in the fight against Havering Council to provide leisure services to our autism community.