North Wagga Wagga Residents demand adequate flood protection!

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North Wagga Residents believe that Council has for the past 14 years deliberately avoided providing the recommended 1 in 100 year levee to protect them because Council has other plans for the valuable land that is the North Wagga Village and they need the residents gone. The next flood will see financial and emotional devastation for the Residents and Council knows it. 

To this end it is believed that Council have been manipulating the process which makes it  mandatory for them to mitigate personal loss incurred by residents living in a floodplain. They have done everything in their power to protect the occupants of the floodplain that is the CBD/Central area and systematically ignored the obvious need to protect North Wagga. 

North Wagga was the original settlement site for Wagga Wagga because it sits on the highest land in the floodplain. During the devastating floods in the 1800's and first half of 1900's most of the homes in North Wagga were left dry but the village was cut off. The lower land where the CBD/Central was established was continually inundated. 

The Main City Levee was built in the 1960's to protect the CBD/Central area.  North Wagga was excluded. The next flood occurred in 1974 and the Main City Levee did its job and diverted flood waters away from the CBD/Central area, forcing it to back up across North Wagga, causing catastrophic flooding in North Wagga for the first time. 

It took Council 16 years, following tireless lobbying from Residents, to decide to provide some form of protection for North Wagga.  A token 1 in 20 levee was built. 

Such is the contempt by Council for North Wagga Residents, it ignored repeated recommendations to manage the thick vegetation in the North Wagga floodplain, which causes water displacement which then increases flood water levels. In 2012 North Wagga was again devastated by flood waters diverted by the Main City Levee.  It was highlighted in a Report that followed, the thick vegetation along the riverbank in North Wagga, which Council was warned in 2007 to manage, caused the flood water levels to rise, implying that had Council managed the vegetation as recommended since 2007, North Wagga would not have flooded in 2012. 

A Vegetation Management Plan was drafted in 2017, 10 years after it was recommended, and still nothing has been done. In addition, Council approved the construction of the trotting track in the North Wagga floodplain which involved the creation of a hardstand comprising over 156,000 cubic meters of soil, which will cause serious water displacement during the next flood. It is believed this approval was given when, after numerous modelling attempts to determine the effects of the hardstand on the North Wagga floodplain indicated an unacceptable affect, the overland flood waters were removed from the modelling which gave a positive result. 

North Wagga features potentially very valuable development land by the river, only 5 mins drive to the CBD. It is strategically located between the CBD, Bomen and CSU. Council has the power and Government funding support to adequately protect Residents and  allow them full development rights and high property values enjoyed by the Central residents. But they refuse.  WHY? We believe it is because someone or some people in Council stand to make serious money if North Wagga residents are relocated, at taxpayer and ratepayers' expense, at which time the opportunity to build the 1 in 100 levee and lift the development restrictions is made available and serious redevelopment can occur. 

We believe someone or some people in Wagga City Council are corrupt and we intend to identify them and remove them from office. We also intend to get our 1 in 100 levee.