Have the Koala declared an endangered species!

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Let's get one million voices for the koalas

Our hearts are breaking as we watch burnt and injured koalas being pulled from the fires, while their habitats burn in Australia’s most devastating bushfire crisis. It is difficult to fully grasp the magnitude of the fires and the devastating impact on communities, the environment and precious animals. More than 1 billion animals are estimated to have died in fires across Australia. And 30% of all koalas have been killed in the state of New South Wales. And we won’t know the final toll for months to come, as fires continue to burn In response, the Australian government has just announced $50 million to help rescue and protect wildlife affected by bushfires. But we still need the koala to be declared an endangered species — now more than ever. Australia’s Environment Minister has now conceded that koala populations have taken an “extraordinary hit” to the extent that it may be necessary to see whether the species should be considered endangered. We need the government to act faster. Please share with your friends and family, and encourage them to sign.  We already have more than 800,000 signatures! Let’s get to a million.

Viv Benjamin
2 years ago