Resentencing for Demontray

Resentencing for Demontray

May 9, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Page Johnson

We submitted an 1170D request for resentencing to the Sac DAs office and we are hoping for a response and we need signatures of support! Please take one minute to sign and share. Thank you!

Demontray Johnson is serving time for a crime he did not commit. The base term for his charges of 2nd degree Robbery carried only 3 years but due to exaggerated and unjust enhancements , extra time was added on; doubled and tripled for a total of 26 unjust years. In 2022, a few new laws passed regarding removing enhancements but due to certain strict criteria, Demontray does not fall under those new laws for resentencing. He has given the system over 10 years of his life while his daughters and new baby grandson wait and pray for his homecoming. 

Ineffective Counsel:

  1. He has alibi witnesses that placed him in another state at the time of the crime and they were not questioned.
  2. The description of the suspect did not fit Demontray. Suspect described was much shorter and leaner
  3.  He was pointed out from a picture line-up after detectives were already showing his picture around 
  4.  Demontray realized his public defender was not trying to prove his innocence but pushing him to take a plea deal. Demontray filed a motion in court for new representation but the judge denied his motion. 

Demontray has hired several attorneys that have not provided great representation. There has been a Habeas Corpus submitted in 2020 as well as an 1170D petition request in 2021 to the DA's office with no response. He has utilized time in jail for positive growth and completed his education, finished enhancement courses, and is currently re-enrolled in college to finish his degree. His family provided support letters begging for his release in his 1170D petition. We are going to submit a commutation to Governor Newsom and we need signatures of support!

Please sign and share, it only takes one minute to help bring an innocent man back to his family.  Thank you for you support and for sharing! 

If anyone would like to send letters of support you may do so at: 

Demontray Johnson 


P.O. Box 290001

Represa, CA 95671

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Signatures: 134Next Goal: 200
Support now