General PendingFriends to step down as CJCS

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If this petition goes through, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General PendingFriends we'll step down as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and give his rank to Commandant of the Marine Corps, General NateSt0rm

General PendingFriends took control of the United States Marine Corps from General FPOTUS a month ago. From that time he has become corrupt and we as marines cannot work under men him, he has started selling Ranks to Enlisted personnel and selling moderator and admin powers to Enlisted personnel, when confronted about this he stated "you pay 1k everyday and I'll stop Selling these" however General, PendingFriends is making over 60,000 robux per year, and he had just taken power a month ago. He stated that he spends 5,000 robux a week on ads and that he can't afford to purchase these advertisements without the use of gamepasses. However according to the group revenue he made 6,000 robux  today alone. General, PendingFriends has also been found free-ranking personnel into divisions, rehiring fired personnel and putting close friends into high ranks into divisions, For example "When I was appointed into Military Police as the provost marshal Pending said that he was going to put in one of his close friends into MP as a watch commander and we all went along with it because we didn't want to be fired" -Stirling_Alt  Along with free-ranking, pending has also been found Discharging personnel for no apparent reason. Whenever he is confronted about one of these two matters he just ignores it and has never replied to any personnel asking him questions about these issues. 

We as marines cannot work under men like these, which is why we need Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, PendingFriends to step down from his position, to save the United States Marine Corps from becoming more Corrupt


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