Remove Maxime Bernier’s offensive billboard from Calgary Confederation.

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The Maxime Bernier billboard has no place in our neighbourhood, in Calgary, or in Canada.

As Calgarians, we recognize that we are fortunate to reside on Treaty 7 land, that our historical agreements between settlers and Indigenous communities have been dishonored, and that Maxime Bernier or his party have no right to dictate who is or isn't allowed in Canada. This message is hurtful to newcomers, and does not recognize their rich contributions to Canadian culture and community.

Join me in asking our current MP to denounce this billboard and all it stands for, and to work with our community leaders and have it taken down. 

If you are interested in contacting MP Webber directly, you can do so here:
(403) 220-0888

If you are interested in contacting Pattison Outdoor (the advertising company), you can do so here:

274-1011 9th Avenue SE
Calgary, AB T2G 0H7
Telephone: 403 770-5700