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have Donald Trump Impeached or get him to resign

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I am here today asking for the Impeachment of President Donald Trump. I feel he isn't a good fit to run a country. He's mentally unstable and too unbalance to make the right choices for the people

Everything he does is out of closed minded beliefs and what he stands for. He stands for hatred and doing things his way even if its breaking the law or illegal.

Things like cutting Medicaid which hurts the disabled up foremost above other groups. he made is very clear he doesn't respect the handicapped/disabled. like banning certain groups from the USA or deporting them because he can is just hatred. like banning Transgenders from the military is just sad.

We the people came to far and made laws to protect to just to let one single man with closed minded views, greed, hatred, doing things that illegal and thinks he's a ruler instead of a President to set us back 100's years if we don't stop him now.

We the people has so much to lose and have so much hatred these days. he's is just fueling it more. that's all he is he's pure hatred in things he says or things he does.

President Donald Trump shouldn't be running the country. he has proven he isn't in the right state of mind. he needs to be stop before people get hurt and before something happens that we cant go back from.

Thank you for listening and please impeachment President Donald Trump or get him to resign. It is best to do so for the greater good for us the people and around the world. We need a stable and balance President.  

                                                            Amanda Russell

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