Have all malls in Winnipeg open later than 6pm on Saturdays!

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This one's a no brainer! There are several situations where someone would want the mall to be open later than 6pm on Saturdays. One example is maybe they're too busy to go shopping during the week, however they work days on Saturdays on top of that BUT want to go shopping after their shift. Another obvious one would be that perhaps someone just wants to enjoy a nice evening of shopping with their friends or family on arguably the busiest shopping day of the week! No wonder retail is tanking. Also, Saturdays are supposed to be fun, exciting, and vibrant, yet in a decently sized city like Winnipeg we're going to close our major malls at 6pm?!! It just doesn't make any sense especially considering they're open until 9pm on other days. Also, if that's not enough, it would create job opportunities! There are always people looking for jobs but retail doesn't offer enough hours. This would help.

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