Protect By-law to allow horses on Hayling Beach

Protect By-law to allow horses on Hayling Beach

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Hayling Island Beach is gorgeous and is enjoyed by many people from all different walks of life including families, swimmers, surfers, wind-surfers, paddle boarders and horse owners. 

Before 10am and after 7pm through the summer months, horses are allowed to ride on the beach and it is a magnificent sight to see people galloping up and down the sad and their four legged friends splashing in the sea. There have been complaints made to the council who are now looking at reviewing this age old by law and it needs protecting!

Our beach is for everyone to share and some of my most magical memories as a child and young teenager were galloping along the shoreline. 

Riders should be and are respectful of other beach goes but that respect should also be given to these hundreds of people who regularly visit on a summers evening...