Petition to refurbish Havant play park

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Back in October 2017 part of the play equipment was removed in Havant Park. After month and months of asking the local council if this would be replaced, we still haven't received a solution or any indication if the park will be refurbished.

Since then further play equipment has been removed and blocked off making the majority of the 'park' as unusable.

I am therefore starting this petition for the following reasons

  • The play park is currently not fit for purpose
  • is an eyesore for the local community
  • cannot be enjoyed by local families
  • the park is rusty, paint flaking off and parts are broken
  • makes the area seem 'run-down' when it is located in a main town centre and next to big named shops at Solent Retail Park

The council have failed to let local residents know what is going on and for it to be left in this state since October is not acceptable. This is our local park and not being able to enjoy it with my family is quite frankly sad and frustrating. The park warrants for it to be replaced completely with new equipment that is safe, usable and enjoyable. Me along with other local residents have emailed Havant Council and still nothing has happened. Please sign this petition and hopefully we can make a change and make them listen.