Oppose an extra council for Hayling Island, we need less bureacracy not more!

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While our local council is clearly under financial pressure and are not perfect we do have 4 councillors who represent Hayling Island on the Havant Council and one who represents us on Hampshire County Council.

There are numerous examples of villages and other places like Hayling Island who have had problems with Parish Councils and have tried, and often succeeded, in abolishing them. If we have a complaint with Havant Council we can raise it with the ombudsman, the same would not be true if we had a complaint against a parish or town council. Local councils like Havant are subject to restrictions on increases they can make to council tax. The same is not true for Parish or Town councils. Winchfield Parish Council in Hampshire, which has 260 homes, increased its share of council tax bills by £67.16 for Band D properties last year, raising them from £19.98 to £87.13, an increase of over 300%.

I appreciate that Hayling Island is unique but the possible responsibilities that can be delegated to Parish and Town councils are very limited, for example a Parish or Town Council would not have responsibility for Planning Permissions though councils with this reponsilbility are required to consider any representation from a Parish or Town Council.

So, contrary to the view expressed in a Hexit petition, a Parish or Town Council would not allow us to take back control of most of the things that matter to us.  


Forget Hexit, make Havant Borough Council work for Hayling Island