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Hatzolah Of Los Angeles
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To the Los Angeles Community,

Since 2001 Hatzolah of Los Angeles has served the community to help every person who needs medical care no questions asked. This has angered several local agencies because they think Hatzolah is a threat to what they do. 

Instead of working with us to create a stronger EMS program, these local agencies have sent letters opposing our ambulance provider license. 

Our meeting is on January 29th. We need the community support to stand up and tell the agencies and the Los Angeles County EMS that Hatzolah is needed. If we lose this hearing, Hatzolah’s ability to service your area may change dramatically for the worse.

Help us by signing this petition to show the local agencies how much this community benefits from our organization.

For more information: Please visit https://www.hatzolahofla.org/post/hatzolah-hearing