Hate bills in TN Legislature Don't Represent Tennesseans

Hate bills in TN Legislature Don't Represent Tennesseans

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Maryam Abolfazli started this petition

The hate that has been presented, promoted and codified during the 2022 Tennessee legislative session does not align with the desires, beliefs or concerns of the residents of the state. 

Under the laws that the legislature is passing, Tennessee would become a place where residents won't have the freedom to be who they are and where residents police other residents. 

This future is an authoritarian nightmare where the state decides what and who is deserving of its protection and care. Where a person who wants to help a friend get obstetrical healthcare could be fined thousands of dollars, where a young person who is ready to be a fully realized individual and free of a false gender association will be forced to continue hiding, where a teacher who wants to train young minds to think critically could be fired for teaching the truth about our imperfect national history and institutions, where an immigrant working endless hours —- to the benefit of our state’s growing economy —- could have children who would be denied education despite the parent's sacrifices. 

Our legislature is attempting to make our state an exclusionary, conformist and cruel place. And we won't stand for it. 

We won't stand for it because lives are at stake. 

If we take away critical thinking education, the right to choose to have a child, and the freedom to live one’s gender, then in ten years’ time we will be a state robbed of its best resource: its people.

Because those who have innovative ideas to contribute, businesses to build, art to create and leaders to raise will not stay. The next great business, innovation or song cannot be born of a closed and repressed life. 


Examples of legislation that promote hatred and oppression of the residents of our state:

Anti-affirmative action law: SB 2440 & HB 2569 ends affirmative action programs.

Anti-critical thinking law: HB 2670 “Divisive Concepts Law” allows students to report if they feel any subjects in classrooms make them feel harmed or uncomfortable. Make no mistake, this is an attempt to ban history discussions.

14 Anti-trans laws: HB 0578 & HB 1895

0578 Bans gender-confirming therapy 

1895 Cuts pay for law enforcement officers who do not verify gender before participating in athletics.

Anti-abortion laws: SB2281/HB2416, SB2444/HB2466

HB 2779 allow citizens to sue anyone supporting the abortion of another. 

Anti-immigration law: HB1648 allows local educational agencies or public charter schools to deny enrollment to students based on their immigration status.

We will not tolerate this level of exclusion and harm enacted by the state. We say loudly to the world, these representatives do not represent us. Please sign this petition to tell our legislature that they do not represent us and that we demand democracy and inclusion for all and we will not be ignored. 


0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!