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Hate Based Facebook Pages- Remove This and Others from Facebook and Urge Closer Page Monitoring and Penalization

Recently, I was invited to a page that was simply titled: "RIP Trayvon Martin". Without thinking twice, I went to the page to LIKE it. After doing so and seeing what was actually in front of me, I stopped dead in my tracks, immediately UNLIKING the page and reporting it to Facebook. Enough people reported it so that it was shut down, but unfortunately, it has since been recreated, over and over again.

This was not a page that was created in memoriam of the young man that was gunned down in cold blood. No. Instead, it was a mockery of the African American race as a whole. Pictured is imagery of Trayvon’s young, dead body with a KFC cutout on his shirt, a mockery of him jumping with dolphins, monkeys being portrayed as African Americans with methods of how to kill them on the side, skittles and other, racially offensive and hateful images.

These types of pages are set up to be offensive tto minorities of many different ethnic backgrounds, with a huge focus on African Americans. Many members of the Caucasian race as well have expressed their disgust as a response to the blatant hatred that is displayed here. In fact, the headliner on one of these pages simply states: "In remembrance of Trayvon Martin's dead ass, and his bag of skittles”. 

The administrator of this page is a coward. This person is hateful and insecure and they don't deserve a platform to express their hate and mock the death of this young man. We all understand that Trayvon's death is a huge story in the headlines and people have their own opinions on what the truth is and whether Zimmerman is vindicated in his actions. While opinions are all good and fair, expressing such disgusting and vile acts is not.

We are urging you to sign and share, not just to get these pages removed from Facebook, but to urge the administrators on Facebook to more closely monitor these types of pages and to penalize the users that continue to build them by permanently banning them . While freedom of expression is allowed, desecration and the misuse and portrayal of an innocent teen's dead body should NOT be, under any circumstance be accepted. Thank you for your support. 

Letter to
Facebook Administrators Facebook
We are petitioning to urge you to more closely monitor the false profiles and hateful, vile pages that are being created on Facebook. These individual(s) and group(s) are using social media as a platform to not just to promote hatred for specific ethnic groups, but to offensively portray the body of a dead child in vulgar and hurtful scenarios.

We ask that you remove these pages from circulation and that the users that continue to create them be blocked from using Facebook. Further, we implore you to formulate a stronger monitoring system to prevent these pages from going into circulation in the future.

We are thankful for your urgent attention to this matter.

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