Close The Doors of Hillside Learning Center

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Hillside Learning Center is located in Hastings Minnesota. Last August, a teacher that was employed at this daycare was responsible for continuously restraining and then biting a 6-year old child with autism. This daycare has had a large amount of violations which you can look at in links below. DHS revoked the license of the daycare and the daycare appealed the action.  DHS and Hillside came to settlement agreement in which the owner and director must hand in their license as of March 1st, 2017. 

The directors lawyer has clearly stated in a newspaper interview that their intentions are to have the husband of the soon to be ex-director be in charge and run the daycare instead of closing the doors. He will still need to get the license by March. Her husband helped and worked at Hillside also. He was seen at the daycare often and was responsible for some of the paperwork. The director states that "nothing is changing and Hillside is not closing" in the interview in Star Gazette Newspaper.  That is exactly the fear of many people!! We need to stand up and let them know we are not supporting it!! We won't stand for abuse and neglect of our children! 

This petition is important for a few reasons. 

  1.  Bringing awareness to the fact that daycare laws and policies need to be changed. We need stronger laws!  We need laws that are going to protect our children!
  2. Standing up, linking arms and giving a voice to the children who were affected by this daycare or might be in the future! PROTECT OUR CHILDREN AND KEEP THEM SAFE! 
  3. Showing Hillside and Government officials that we do not support Hillside Learning Center keeping their doors open nor caring for our children! 
  4. Asking Government officials to step in and make sure Hillside closes their doors for good. That no family members have the ability to take over or get provided a license to do so. They were ordered to hand in their license for a reason! Allowing family to take over changes nothing, just like the director stated! They publicly rubbed it in that they found a loop hole in the law!             


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