Stop big business bullying and stand up for the little guy!

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Absolutely gutted, and so angry at this injustice! Bullying is still happening even in the grown up world and it’s just not right. I received a phone call this morning from the meat processor I purchase my fresh meats from to make my Carnivorous Cravings treats with, Jason from Eversons food processors. He was very sorry to say, but he could no longer continue serving me. He explained that the owner of Hastings Fresh Meats here in Port Macquarie On Lake road (named Col) and several of his friends didn’t want them to continue supplying me. They order more than me by a lot, which is why I guess the decision was made to drop me. Why does Col want to make things hard for me? Because I decided to discontinue stocking my products through his store and I caught him out on his lie that Meat Processors weren’t allowed to sell to any business but a butcher - they are and do. That’s it. I did nothing to him or his business whatsoever, I just disappeared quietly! Why did I remove my stock from their shelves? Because they had kept it all shoved in a dusty corner behind the counter for nearly a week and a few of the staff were very rude and unprofessional in their interactions with me and I was upset. He couldn’t leave me alone though, couldn’t let me do this without him. Col was making profit from me both ends through purchasing the product and then giving the profit back to him to buy more product with. He had a sweet deal so it’s not surprising he was angry I left. This is nothing more than pure spite! I have called Hastings Fresh Meats to speak with Col multiple times but I end up having to leave a message every time as he refuses to come to the phone. The messages I left was that I was no threat or competition to him, that there was enough food for both of us and he needed to retract his threat to my meat processor so we could coexist in peace. We don’t even share a market or the same products! I’ve spoken with Jason from Eversons food processors again and he was clearly in a very bad position, scared and defensive. He tried to retract everything he’d said earlier and hung up on me, but not before telling me he’d be having no further involvement with this, or contact with me and that he had nothing further to say. I asked him to again tell me why I was being denied service but he refused stating “you’re probably recording me right now”, so I am left with no supplier and no written reason or notice. Right before Christmas and right as I’m trying to raise funds for the Bodhi Dog Rescue and Shelter too! Several kind butchers in town have stepped up and offered to source my products for me which has been extremely helpful and appreciated, but buying through them means I have to pay a lot more than what I was paying buying wholesale as I am legally entitled to do. I am a registered pet treat business and as such should not have to buy retail and sneak around just to source my produce, I should be able to buy directly just as the butchers are and it’s not right or fair. I just want to be allowed to buy produce as I’m legally entitled to and be left in peace. I’m no competition or threat, surely we can both purchase from the same plentiful supplier? Can this even be allowed in this day and age? Bullying in big business by adults for no gain?? Why?? Can a big business really demand a supplier cut off a little guy and thereby kill their business? If you think this is wrong too and shouldn’t be allowed, please sign and ask Hastings Fresh Meats and Eversons Food Processors to allow me to purchase my produce in peace again. Thank you for taking the time to read!