Save The Oaks at Keirunga Gardens


Save The Oaks at Keirunga Gardens

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Save The Keirunga Oaks started this petition to Hastings District Council

46 oaks (80 years old) and 43 other deciduous trees at Keirunga Gardens, are proposed to be felled by Hastings District Council (HDC) within the next 3 years.

The HDC says these "aging" trees are end-of-life, that they have "root and limb failure", and that they’re unsafe and have to go.

But HDC have created this plan without any official report from their arborist, or from an independent expert.

The HDC draft plan has been created without evidence, or justification.

We (the volunteers) have had three independent experts review the trees in Arthur's Path Gully, Keirunga Gardens.

All of our three experts agreed - there is absolutely nothing wrong with these trees!

There's no systemic root or limb failure. There's no critical problems. Put simply, our experts said these were normal trees that were in fact relatively young - not end of life!

Oak trees live up to 700 - 1000 years. In English public parks, Oaks are regularly kept for 300+ years. The Keirunga Oaks are only 80 odd years old.

Help us protect the Keirunga trees, and all the large public trees in Hawke's Bay.

If these 80 year old trees are cut down in the name of public safety, all the large trees in our parks are at risk of being cut down.

Cutting down the Keirunga trees will put large trees in all these parks at risk. Te Mata Park, Hawke's Bay Showgrounds, Tainui Reserve, Tauroa Gully, Pakowhai Park, Frimley Park, Flaxmere Park, and places like the Maraetotara Falls.

Let's let the Hastings District Council know - we want to keep the trees at Keirunga Gardens.

Let’s send a clear message - we want to protect all the large, healthy trees in our public parks and natural places in Hawke’s Bay.

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This petition made change with 5,567 supporters!

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