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Reduce the parking charges & times in local car parks for Hastings residents

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April 2017 saw the parking charges in St Leonards and Hastings increase by over 200%.  Times allowed for free parking reduced significantly.  We now have to pay to park from 7am - 9pm EVERYDAY.

The residents here in the area are among some of the poorest in the country, our unemployment rates at 20.5% where the national average is 13.5% (

These increases mean that many of us locals are unable to shop locally, visit our town center or attend locally run groups which support our communities.  Increased parking charges have resulted in Lottery Funded group numbers dropping as attendees are unable to pay for these parking increases.

Some parking rates are double that of Lewes where the average wage is double that of Hastings and in some car parks the hourly rate in Hastings ranges between £1.20 and £1.70 PER HOUR! 

We are asking Hastings Borough Council to

1. Reduce the time and take it back to free parking from 6pm - 9am

2. Reduce the hourly fee


3. Give local residents a discounted rate and ask those that are visiting the area to pay the increased charges


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