UK Government must stop bombing Syria, and must not escalate the war against Syria.

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In the early hours of Saturday 14th April, 2018, the first UK bombs fell onto Syrian soil, just hours after Theresa May decided to join the American campaign, without parliamentary consultation, and without International UN backing. In doing so, the Conservative government, backed by UKIP, the Lib Dems and the Northern Irish DUP and UUP, have blatantly by passed the UK constitution which directly contradicts our democratic values.

We want our UK government to cease all hostilities towards Syria now and in future and reach a diplomatic agreement between the Syrian government to avoid further bloodshed.

We strongly oppose these air strikes for the following reasons:

- The basis of the argument is a chemical attack took place in Douma (Eastern Ghotha) - it's unproven, a formal investigation has yet to be carried out and the allegations are merely speculations, and sensationalised media stories, this is not a just pretext for war.

- Lesson have not been learned rom the 2003 Iraq war, similarly the war began through a false pretext and till this day Britain are ridiculed for their involvement and responsible for the deaths of up to 1.3 million innocent Iraqis 70% of whom are woman and children.

- Civilian casualties - there is no telling how many will be kirlled, injured or displaced.

- Russia is closely allied to Syria and has military bases in Syria, this may escalate into an all out war with a far more formidable force.

- Potential further regional escalations by Iran, Israel, Turkey, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, there is no telling how this could turn out, some fear it may lead to a much bigger war with many more countries joining the fight.

- Not backed by popular demand, after one day of bombing it appears social media and feelings on the ground in UK are not sentimental to the views of Theresa May, our country men and Woman are not blind sighted like they once were with Iraq, and they quite frankly don't fancy a head on battle with Russia, and words like third world war are becoming more and more prevalent on social media. This fear of another World war is enough to sway opinion away from this battle

- It is doing precisely what ISIS/Daesh want us to do. These organisation have been warring with the Syrian government for 7 years, and will be emboldened by this move and it may prolong the war in Syria, even though the Syrians and Russians reached an agreement to cease hostilities for the peace of the country.

- The money spent on such attacks could be used for such better causes at home. Under the Tories, homelessness has risen by 40% with food bank use up 2500%, yet they are doing nothing to tackle these issues. 'If we can find the money to kill people, we can find the money to help people.'

- It will worsen the already disastrous refugee crisis by forcing even more Syrians to flee their homes.

- It will cost us billions to help rebuild the country once the Syrian civil war comes to an end.

- Bombing will only create more radicalisation. Indiscriminate bombing creates casualties and deaths of innocents who otherwise may not have ever considered UK as their enemy, when our country reigns down bombs from the skies it will create hatred and contempt for our country for the future generations to come in Syria..

- Air strikes will not achieve enough to justify their use. Many countries have already bombed Syria with hardly any success. They are ineffective so diplomacy must be used and championed by World leaders to help reach a peaceful agreement without endangering the lives of potentially millions of Syrians.

- Syria is the one remaining multicultural area in the region. Bombing it would only contribute to destabilising it and open the door even wider for the influence of Islamic extremism.

- If successful a power vaccuum that can only be filled by Syria's oppressive, murderous, extremist group such as Al-Qaeda, ISIS Al-Nusra front, which would create a much more destructive and unpredictable government in Syria than the current regime.

- ISIS/Daesh pride themselves on the successful deletion of their history. Bombing shall serve to save them the money and the manpower, why are we not attacking them like we were in 2015??? instead we re now bombing the government which was fighting them in 2015 alongside the UK and America.

- Germany opposed the move, why can't we?

- Why are we cutting school meals and other public services in the name of austerity and able to fund yet another war?

- Finally, the decision made will threaten the lives of hundreds if not thousands of armed British army personnel, depending on how far Britain are prepared to go in this campaign, hundreds of families and children may be effected because of their loved ones being forced into a battle that could be avoided.

Please sign our petition to show Theresa May and his government that the UK public are not happy with their decision and that these attacks do not happen in our name.




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