Petition update

Slight Changes to the Petition Overall

Andrew Holt
Lawrenceville, GA

Feb 26, 2012 — Heads up, everyone, I'm changing the wording and the title just a bit. It's outdated, considering Derpy has indeed been changed. This petition is now about returning Derpy's scene back to normal.

I'm assuming I'll have no objections, but since changing a petition someone's already signed after it being signed has the slight potential to ruffle feathers, if I get even one message that someone's upset by the new title and message, I'll change it back.

But really... It'll be almost the same message, just post-Derpy's change.

Okay, here goes!

Also, another excellent Save Derpy petition has appeared. If you've signed this one, sign the other! Thank you, Alex Shen for creating it! Here's the link:


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