Petition update

Derpy's Edit

Andrew Holt
Lawrenceville, GA

Feb 25, 2012 — It doesn't need to be said, really, but Derpy has indeed been edited. Furthermore, the inbox that I linked this petition to ( seems to have been shut down. Presumably because over 20,000 emails flooded the inbox in a pretty short amount of time.

It worries me that the inbox was shut down, actually. I'm hesitant to link the petition to the PR inbox, because we're going to be getting another huge influx of signatures, and it will spam them again. Possibly into shutting down that inbox, as well.

For this reason, I'll be taking a more personal approach to this. Keep the signatures coming, and I will be personally sending periodic emails to the PR inbox until I get a response. We WILL be heard. This time, I'll see if I can stand up and speak for the community, rather than letting the community's signatures speak for themselves.

Thank you for your continued support, and remember everyone: allow your disappointment to show, but always be civil with Hasbro!


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