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Reopening Petition

Andrew Holt
Lawrenceville, GA

Feb 8, 2012 — Given that many people have expressed concern that the petition is closing without any direct acknowledgement about Derpy from Hasbro, I've reopened it. I feel it is a valid point, even though the tone of Hasbro's message was extremely positive. In fact, I completely believe that Derpy is safe at this point, but the people telling me to reopen it are right - better safe than sorry on this matter.

So please do continue to show your report by signing and writing well-mannered letters. Even if you're not much of a writer, remember that each signature sends a letter to the Hasbro Studios/The Hub email on behalf of the person who signed.

Let's keep this going until we hear something, shall we?

Please Hasbro, keep Derpy! With over 26,000 people supporting her, I think it's quite evident that we love her


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