Petition update

Goodnight, Everyone.

Andrew Holt
Lawrenceville, GA

Mar 23, 2012 — "Is this the perfect situation? Obviously not.
Is this compromise (of keeping Derpy as a background pony, yet having to lose the original Last Roundup scene) something that we as the fans should be able to accept? Yes, absolutely. For that reason, and because I know there's no way it will ever return that scene, I'm closing down the petition.

Now, let's all go back to enjoying the show and watching out for that golden mane and crossed eyes we all know and love."

That's the gist of my ending message about this petition and the entire Derpy situation. Please visit the link if you want the full message.

Hasbro, Studio B, The Hub, and Amy Keating Rogers: Thanks for being awesome!

I'd also like to note that the petition I linked in my previous message (found below) has a loftier goal than mine - to create a solid group of fans ready to stand by Hasbro's decisions in the future if they come up against a controversy like this ever again. Please do go check that one out.


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