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Remove Cultural Marxism, Homosexuality and Hateful Staff From My Little Pony or We Boycott


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I grew up with My Little Pony as a little girl and hoped to share it with my daughters today. I can't do that anymore because the current show runners of My Little Pony continuously tweet out hateful tweets about the President of the United States and have forced in two lesbian characters for the sake of political statements. 

It saddens me to see a show that empowers women and girls so much fall into the trap of cultural marxism and radical leftism. I call on all fans of the show that hate the direction it's going in to join me in this boycott. Protest with your wallets. Let Hasbro know that we don't like this direction, and maybe, just maybe, we can get our beloved ponies back. 

Also equally concerning is the impact this will have on the franchise in other countries. Most countries in the middle east, Russia, China, etc, already ban products and shows containing gay characters. That's billions of eyes not watching ponies.

My Little Pony has always been about escapism. Escapism from a dark, hard world. If the current path the franchise is going down is followed, that escapism is dead. Do not let it die.



Producer confirming homosexual characters 

One of the show's directors tweeting out "i hate" this petition, and thus the lifelong fans who grew up with this show that support this petition. 

Producer calling the President of the United States a "piece of shit" on Twitter

Leftism creeping into the show

Cultural Marxism creeping into the show 

Producer Mike Vogel liking a comment on twitter that condones porn being made of MLP as justification for two lesbian characters in the show 

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