New Heroquest: Ask for a worldwide release, UK Europe Australia... EVERYWHERE!

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The new release of HeroQuest is only for the US and Canadian markets.

Gamers from across the world would LOVE this to be released there as well. 

I've created a petition to raise support to encourage Hasbro and other companies involved to make the Heroic and Mythic level editions available worldwide not just America and Canada.

There is a lot of interest in this game, it will sell well. The reasons may be due to ownership of intellectual properties and copyrights

We are asking Hasbro to work out whatever issues are preventing this and do their utmost to make it happen!

I'm aware there are a few legal issues currently preventing this

1. Hasbro's method of crowdfunding is not legal outside North America
2. Currently a company called Ludofilia holds the trademark for the NAME "HeroQuest Classic" in Europe.

These can be overcome if there's enough interest and profit to be made for all involved. Ludofilia could sell the rights if the right money is offered or come to some other arrangement with Hasbro so that it can be released. 

Maybe they need to see there's enough demand outside of the states to justify this, there is a profit to be made at the end of the day that's what companies do.

I'm aware the petition has only a slim chance of working, like "Simply walking into Mordor" but I figured I've got nothing to lose by trying.

Link to the new release so you can see what the fuss is about here