GIVES US M​.​A​.​S​.​K (Mobile Armored Strike Kommand) TOYS HASBRO

GIVES US M​.​A​.​S​.​K (Mobile Armored Strike Kommand) TOYS HASBRO

8 June 2021
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Started by amir yazid

The GOLDEN AGE of ACTION FIGURES is here with figures having better articulation, better body proportions, detailed head sculpt with face printing tech and tons of accessories. Companies are spitting out wave after wave of figures with Hasbro in the lead in terms of offerings and new companies are joining the foray like Super 7 and McFarlaneToys producing classic toys from the 80s in 6inch and 7inch Scale and fighting amongst themselves who gets those hard earn collector dollars.

As the Silverhawks cartoon is teased to be returning in plastic form with updated articulation and all its glory soon, there is still yet of any news regarding M.A.S.K making a comeback in Cartoon form, Movie form or even toy form by toy Makers HASBRO who own the license.

Toy Maker HASBRO is now enjoying massive success from their various 6 inch scale lines which began with their acquisition of the Marvel Legends line from ToyBiz back in 2006. HASBRO released their first ever Marvel Legends wave in 2007 but failed to have any originality as it was more of the same with ToyBiz, only instead of ToyBiz on the label, it was Hasbro.

It wasn't until 2013 when Hasbro started to retool and re-strategize their figure releases and re-launched the Marvel Legends brand in 2014 with all new collector friendly card box packaging and artwork and marketed their first three Build a Figure Waves (The Mandroid BAF wave, Green Goblin BAF Wave and Groot BAF Wave) with the release of the then upcoming three Marvel movie titles: Captain America: Winter Soldier, Amazing Spiderman 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1. Due to the cinematic success of Marvel's The Avengers, Marvel Movie News, Merchandise and anything affiliated with the Marvel Brand was trending and Hasbro's Marvel Toy Division were in the right place at the right time.

With the fast growing popularity and success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it attracted new collectors of Marvel Legends worldwide. Movie characters did better in retail and more globally compared to the local US market which then gave enough financial support for the creators at Hasbro and more freedom to release more unreleased comic characters to appease the more veteran collectors. Hasbro Marvel Legends quickly became the biggest and fastest growing toy line ever.

Starting with 3 waves of 6-8 figures and a build a figure per wave in 2014 to double 6 waves the following year in 2015, Hasbro have gone from releasing a measly 20 characters a year to now almost reaching 100 characters a year with the releases of 7-9 Build a Figure waves a year with 6-8 figures in each wave, dozens of single figure store exclusives yearly, deluxe figure exclusives, figures with vehicles exclusives and an entire line of vintage carded figures.

Hasbro also holds the license for Star Wars toys and introduced a 6 inch line of Star Wars Figures in their Black Series line back in 2013. The line had multiple challenges and backlashes facing 2 reboots (started with orange, then blue) and are now in their current Black Series Red from 2015 till present. The new line success closely follows the success of the Marvel Legends line, with incredible head sculpts, photo printing tech and are currently on their 25th wave according to Jedi Temple Archives.

With hopes to duplicate their massive success with the Marvel Legends and Star Wars Black Series, Hasbro have started producing 6 inch scale figures of other toy lines under their company license. Their Power Rangers Lightning series which debut in 2019 have just teased their 10th wave of the series this year and their GI JOE Classified series which debut in 2020 now have 5 waves with multiple exclusives and a special wave tie in for the upcoming Feature Film "SNAKE EYES: GI JOE ORIGINS".

One may wonder what is next in store from the Hasbro 6inch perspective, but the purpose of this petition is to have HASBRO put M.A.S.K next in their roaster of plans and give us 6inch scale figures of our favourite M.A.S.K characters.

Matt Trekker is canon in the GI JOE universe and could be the first of many M.A.S.K characters to be introduced in 6 inch scale as part of GI JOE Classified release. The last M.A.S.K figure release by Hasbro was in 2017 as part of a SDCC exclusive REVOLUTION that gave us a 3.75 inch scale figure of Matt Trekker.

The M.A.S.K storyline couldn't be more relative with today's pandemic with almost everyone having to wear masks. If they were to consider making M.A.S.K. part of GI JOE, they could easily have V.E.N.O.M. be the name of a C.O.B.R.A. Subgroup led by Mad Scientist Miles Mayhem who specialises in Toxins and Biochemical Weapons and who have just released a deadly Virus from a lab in China. As the world thinks its a natural occurring disaster outbreak, GI JOE intel have sourced the Virus to be the product of non other than the doings of V.E.N.O.M. The JOE's then form their own Anti Viral Anti Terrorist team equipped with Specialise Masks that not only protect the JOE's from the harms of the deadly virus but also have other unique abilities which haven't been fully approved by the Government. The masks are designed by Vehicles Engineer and Weapons Specialist Matt Trekker. The Masked Joes a.k.a M.A.S.K are also equipped with specialised vehicles to help the M.A.S.K neutralise the deadly virus around the world whether in Air, Land or Sea. 

Ask the Virus spreads fast around the world, M.A.S.K are working overtime and fighting crime!

If Hasbro doesn't want to release M.A.S.K. as a GI JOE spin off then they should just release M.A.S.K. as it is. They could, they should and they need to do it NOW!

Hasbro has the license, AND they are also head of the game in terms of mass producing retail 6 inch figures. No other company even comes close to releasing the number of varied characters as compared to Hasbro. Hasbro have also shown their success with 6 inch scale vehicles in each of their various 6 inch toy lines (Marvel Legends Biker Line, Black Series Deluxe, Classified Baroness with C.O.I.L Motorcycle, SPD Omega Ranger with Uniforce Cycle) and they are also experienced with producing larger vehicles in 6inch scale like their Landspeeder, Tie Fighter and their latest Snow Speeder.

Release the Figures. Release the Figures with their Bikes. Release the Vehicles Separate or Release the Vehicles with an Exclusive Figure. Hasbro, you guys are the expert. We just want Mobile Armoured Strike Kommand figures and you guys have the license.

Sign this petition if you want Hasbro to release a 6 inch scale line of M.A.S.K. or reissue some of their older M.A.S.K. toys for nostalgia sake.

Sign this petition if you want HASBRO to make MASK TOYS!

Sign this petition because you support a friend who is also an avid Collector or Fan of M.A.S.K.

SIGN cause you can and its free

signing doesn't mean you agree with my GI JOE idea, share your own ideas in the comments and let your ideas be heard but sign if you want HASBRO to work on M.A.S.K. next.

How many signatures does it take for HASBRO to release M.A.S.K.?
lets hope and find out. 

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