Make Magic: The Gathering Arena FAIR for Players

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Wizards of The Coast, the creators of the incredibly popular collectible card game; Magic: The Gathering, launched a second online iteration of their game: Magic the Gathering Arena in September 2017.

The game boasts 2 versions of in-game currency in the form of Gems, and Gold. The former, which can be purchased using real world money.

This isn't abnormal for digital games to allow you to purchase items such as cosmetics and skins, but with Arena, you can also spend your Gems to take part in tournaments with other players, similar in a way to how online poker operates.

However, where Arena deviates from this model, is by methods known as "Hand Smoothing", and unbalanced player match-ups. The deck-building and drafting aspect become irrelevant as the software algorithms intentionally set you up to lose, thereby you are losing ACTUAL MONEY.

This petition aims to make Wizards of the Coast (HASBRO), take notice and stop this practice of misleading their players, and fixing the games, in order to stop people from unnecessarily spending more money on the Arena platform.The software should be as random the paper version of the game!

***Wizards of the Coast boasted revenue of $816 MILLION dollars in 2020! Their most lucrative year EVER!***


Make Hasbro, and Wizards of the Coast take notice! We, the players want the game to be FAIR, and free of misrepresentation on all of its digital platforms.

Please, sign this petition and spread the word to anyone who used to enjoy Magic: the Gathering as the fun, deck-building game that it used to be!