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Hasbro: Make EasyBake Oven mixes for children with food allergies

Children with food allergies feel excluded from so many special events. Bakeries commonly say they simply cannot accommodate a child with a nut allergy. After years of being very careful by reading labels to check for food allergies, my six-year-old daughter knows to check for labels. But when she got an EasyBake Oven as a gift, she thought there would be SOME of the cute baking mixes she could eat. We can not find ANY that do not have the warning: "contains traces of" nuts and other common allergens. In fact, Hasbro lists that warning on the oven itself.  Does Hasbro care so little that they won't even try to have some? Why does Red Velvet cake have to have traces of nuts? Can't Hasbro follow "responsible practices" for segregating ingredients like other companies? Help me start a trend. Get companies to do more than just protect themselves from liability and instead be responsible. Hasbro, use responsible practices to segregate ingredients and make some Easy Bake Oven mixes for children with food allergies!

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  • CEO, Hasbro
    Brian D. Goldner
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    Ms. Barbara Finigan
  • Media Contact, Hasbro
    Daniel Benkwitt

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