Let Hasbro hear the voice of the public! We want Prof. X Hover chair BAF X-men Wave.

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Without a doubt, the X-Men characters are amongst the most popular in comic book and action figure history. You can bet that every time Hasbro releases a Marvel Legends figure of someone from the X-Men, they don't last long on the
toy shelves.

A fan art has recently been circulating on social media of a 90's X-Men wave that includes Tigerstripe Wolverine, Gambit, Pyslocke (please include a katana), Nightcrawler (2 swappable hands and two signature swords), Mystique, Storm and Beast with a BAF Prof X on his hover chair. What's really exciting about this is that they are wearing their classic Jim Lee era uniforms, which would go really well with the previously released Hasbro Marvel Legends Brown Wolverine, Cyclops, Archangel, Jean Grey and Rogue. Fans all over the world can now re-create the Iconic cover for X-Men 1, which to this day, is the best selling comic of all time!

We know that some characters on the fan art have been released before, but by Toy Biz. It would be really great if we could see a Hasbro treatment for these beloved characters.

If you are one of the millions of fans who want to see this happen, please sign this petition. If we were able to make X-Men the best-selling comic book of all time, we can make this the best selling Marvel Legends wave of all time!

Credits to these guys who made the customs: 

Wolvy- Loosecollector/Dave Cardenas
Storm- Darryl Tern
Beast- Toycooker
Nightcrawler- Raybot customs
Psylocke- Loosecollector
Gambit- Eddie Grayce
Mystique- Darryl Tern
Professor X and Hoverchair- Loosecollector/Dave Cardenas

Dave Abbott for putting these amazing line up together.

Mark Entrata for the content.